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A communal group, active in the "back to the land" movement since the early 1970s, we believe that the #1 contradiction facing humanity is our alienation from nature. At CEEDS we believe that by choosing to simplify our lifestyle and by communally providing our basic needs - food, fuel and shelter - a deeper and more respectful relationship with the earth is forged. Keeping alive this profound relationship with the earth is needed if life on the planet is to survive.

We grow seedlings and flowers in our greenhouseCEEDS (Community Enhancement and Economic Development Society) is managed and operated by five original, committed members on three leased properties in close proximity to one another. The heart of our landbase is the Horse Lake Community Farm Co-op. We are supported in our farm work and in so many other ways by co-op members, friends, neighbours and family members. From time to time we hire additional help.

We are not connected with any religion, spiritual group or political party. We are involved with and speak out on issues of the environment, social justice, agriculture and native matters. Growing organic food in a communal and co-operative way, we believe, is the most important contribution we make to the wellbeing of our community and indeed the planet.


We live at the east end of Horse Lake in the South Cariboo region of central British Columbia, approximately 500 km. north east of Vancouver and half an hour from the town of 100 Mile House, on Highway 97. We're also close to the unincorporated town of Lone Butte on Hwy 24.


Mixed, small scale, labour intensive organic farming keeps us busy all year round. Caring for our animals being a central part of communal life. We raise and breed beef cows, sheep, pigs, draft/saddle horses and a variety of poultry, along with honeybees.

Box-a-weekSpring is devoted to lambing, pigging and calving, growing bedding plants (for sale and our own use), planting our two gardens, potato patch and greenhouses. During the summer we're weeding, watering and harvesting the gardens for farmers markets and "box-a-week" vegetable deliveries, checking our cattle on the range and haying. Harvesting, vegetable storage and other winter preparation gets started in the fall. When snow arrives, our routine of winter livestock feeding begins, shovelling snow and splitting firewood!

Recreation includes swimming in Horse Lake, fishing (especially through the ice, during winter) and cross-country skiing. We sometimes get together for barbecues and music around the campfire.

VISITORS (including Farm Stays)
6810 Horse Lake Road
Lone Butte B.C.
V0K 1X3

Phone: 1 250 395-3580 or 1 250 395-4042
e-mail: rlceeds@xplornet.ca

Please contact us for information about our sustaining membership program and other ways you can help us.
Horse-riding on animals we raise ourselves


Horse Lake Community Farm Cooperative Horse Lake Community Farm Cooperative
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A beautiful, rural setting in the heart of the South Cariboo region of British Columbia

May 8th, 1925 - December 26th, 2004
Member of a pioneering Cariboo family, life-long social activist and founder of CEEDS
His Story

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